• Game of the Year
      Associated Press

      "Delivers one of the year's most satisfying — and malevolently funny — stories."
    • #2, Games of the Year

      "New mind-bending levels, great celebrity voice performances, and a fascinating storyline."
    • #1, The 25 Best Video Games of 2011
      Complex Magazine

      "The perfect game and the perfect sequel."
    • #1 Video Game of 2011
      The Daily Mirror

      "Everything we love about gaming into one superb package."
    • Game of the Year

      "...takes players on a journey full of breathtaking, memorable moments, shocking plot twists, mysterious and unexpected locales, and one of the greatest scripts and voice casts to ever grace a videogame."
    • #2, Top Ten Games of 2011
      E! Online

      "If you're not laughing, you might be lifeless a companion cube."
    • Game of the Year

      "The original game was an ascetic taskmaster, but this long and loving sequel reinvented itself as the consummate great entertainer."
    • Game of the Year

      "This game is bursting with personality, and it begs to be played."
    • Game of the Year
      GAMES Magazine

      "Every inch of Portal [is] meticulously crafted, from the levels and puzzles to the outstanding storyline and voice acting."
    • Ultimate Game of the Year
      GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards

    • Game of the Year
      Best New Character
      Best Ending Song


      "As close to perfect and pure as a game can possibly get."
    • Best PS3 game
      Best Puzzle Game
      Best New Character
      Best Voice Acting
      Best Multiplayer Co-op
      Most Memorable Moments
      Best Ending
      Best Writing/Dialog
      Best Puzzles


      "The puzzle design in Portal 2 might be the best [we've] ever encountered in any game."
    • The Top 25 Video Games of 2011
      The Globe and Mail

      "An ingenius puzzler featuring some of the most memorable characters ever to appear in a game."
    • Game of the Year
      God is a Geek.com

      "Co-op mode, Animal Kings, Cave Johnson (LEMONS!) or the dangers of creating a pudding made from fibreglass. If you didn’t understand any of that, then you’ve been playing the wrong games this year. Stunning."
    • Game of the Year
      The Guardian

      "An innovative classic."
    • Best PC Adventure Game
      Best PC Sound
      Best PC Story
      Best Xbox 360 Story

      IGN's Best of 2011

      "The writing is as sharp as ever, and the performances from the characters sell the world and setting in ways that few games match."
    • Game of the Year

      "Nearly perfect."
    • Editor's Choice Award

      "...a hilarious script, stellar voice acting, and easy-to-understand mechanics."
    • Best Video Games of 2011
      The National Post

      "...takes the core gameplay concepts of the first game and fleshes them out."
    • The 10 Best Video Games Of 2011

      "More than memorable."
    • #2, The Best Games of 2011
      Onion A.V. Club

      "A hilarious sci-fi tale and a series of space-bending physics puzzles, woven seamlessly into one vibrant experience."
    • #2, Games of the Year
      Paste Magazine

      "A superbly crafted, joyous experience, a loving tribute to creative design, problem solving, and the remarkable flexibility of the human mind."
    • Best PC Game
      Best Multi-Player
      Best DLC
      Best Performance by a Human Female
      Best Performance by a Best Human Male

      Spike TV's Video Game Awards

    • #2, Top Ten Video Games of 2011
      Time Magazine

      "Long after the physics-manipulation conundrums have been solved, the poignancy of Portal 2's man-and-machine pas de deux lingers on."
    • #2, Top 10 of 2011
      USA Today

      "The dialogue and puzzles are clever, and the co-op mode is equally engaging."
    • #2, 10 Best Games of 2011

      "Portal 2 proves that a shorter, concise, and well-made masterpiece is infinitely more valuable than a 100-hour game that wears out its welcome long before the credits roll."
    • #4, Top 10 Best Games of 2011
      Xbox 360 Magazine

      "It's just brilliant."
    • Best Multiplayer Co-op Game
      Best Writing
      Best Art Direction
      Best Puzzle Game
      Best Voice Acting

      X-Play's Best of 2011 Awards

      "Smart, beautiful, challenging, hilarious, heart-warming, and perfect."